tysdag 18. desember 2007

Stopp alt live på Sinus (PIF 29)

Stopp alt (Stopp everything) from Bodø, was from the start during spring 96 until they broke up; Stian Andreassen (drums/vocals) Tore Hartviksen (guitar) Pål Fredlund Hoff (bass) and Pål Taihaugen (vocals). Andreassen, Hartviksen and Thaihaugen is ex Extrem exem and Kellogs Kids. Andreassen and Hartviksen made one issue off the fanzine Glade dager before they moved from Bodø to Trondheim where they started Jimbo Jones, where they still play. JJ has recorded their debut album that hopefully is out during 2008.

1) PSC (Anti Religion Records) MC 96 with lyric sheet.

On 14. September 1996 they played support for the more known band Fru pedersen at Sinus, Bodø, Norway. Here is the whole concert.

Stopp alt - Live, Sinus, Bodø 1996/09/14

No more uploads this year so have a smashing xmas and come back in the new year.

fredag 30. november 2007

Feedback #6/Bodø HardCore Festival comp

With the last edition off the Norwegian fanzine Feedback (#6) there was a compilation CD and a CD with Käthe kollwitz (the band, not the painter/activist). There has been several complaints about the records so Feedback have decided to put the records out for free download. So here they are.

The Bodø HardCore Festival compilation was done to promote the festival by the same name. All the artist had their fifteen minutes off fame during the week the festival lasted. Well let the music talk for itself; (styles range from punk/HC to rap and pretechnosynth)

1. Sinnsyk ugle - Pistola (live)
2. Laura - Ved soloppgang
3. Manna (feat. Jørg-1) - Røbban & døbban
4. Jimbo Jones -Ufo 666
5. Magnus Eliassen - Follow Me
6. Joddski - Ting på gang
7. PLX-15 - Midnattsbarn (live)
8. Raggabalder - Joddski & Yt
9. The Spectacle - Driven

Sinnsyk ugle is the hotest band in Bodø this year. Here they are with a unreleased live version of one off their "hits". Laura is a new girl trio from Bodø that has lasted a year and has just released a EP where their contribution to this compilation is borrowed from. Manna is Norways most famous reggae band.On this dub version they has got vocal help from one off Norways most famous rap artists; Jørg-1 off Tungtvann fame. Jimbo Jones track is from their comming album that shall be out somtime during 2008. Magnus Eliassen has out a 7" and a album that has been out for free download on his web. Joddski (aka Jørg-1) with a unreleased track (?). PLX-15 with a unreleased live version off their biggest hit. Raggabalder is both a duo band and a DJ act into reggae/dancehall/ska. The Spectacle track has never been played live or been released before so this is a real treat for the fans.

Käthe kollwitz - Demo

1. Come Join Us
2. Silence At Ground Zero

Both tracks recorded at Hunstad kultursenter in Bodø before the band moved to Oslo, where they now live and play. Demo was recorded by Jørgen Rist Holmen and later Hallstein Sandvin has done a mix off the tapes at Hønsehuset lydstudio in Bodø that ended up on this CD. The band can be contacted here. Käthe kollwitz did a legendary concert at the festival and is more than ready for bigger festivals, longer tours and most off all a great record contract.

download Bodø HardCore comp here

download Käthe kollwitz - demo here

Review off the fanzine/CDs in Norwegian; here

tysdag 27. november 2007

Søstrene Zappa (PIF 27)

Søstrene Zappa er en duo av Geirr "Dr. Herb" Larsen (sang/sampling) og "Night Nurse" Solhaug (sang/sampling). Som det spilte de inn alt som finnes av Søstrene Zappa. 2) ble innspilt i 89 i Oslo, hvor bandet flyttet til i 88. På denne var Pål Lind (sang, ex Peder pong & de kåte, The Release Party med mer.) gjestevokalist. Lind har medvirket som gjeste musiker for dem ved flere anledninger på 90 tallet. Musikalsk er de mest inspirert av ska og reggae. Søstrene Zappa er et rent studio prosjekt som aldri har hatt konserter. Duoen har blitt ett kult fenomen pga av sin til tider sære humor og vanvittige evne til å klippe sammen lydsamplinger som ikke kan brukes i lag for deretter å få det til å høres helt naturlig ut.

I nedlastingen finner du deres "Radio demo" (låt 1-14) og en som heter "Mono demo" (låt 15-17). I tillegg får du begge låtene som er offisielt utgitt (se diskografien).

1) div artister - Can A Butterfly Smash A Wheel ? (Bodø raa raak klubb BRRK 2) lp 87 inkl: Vi går en tur
2) div artister - Tiddelibom (Bodø rockeklubb BRKCD 9402) 3xCD i eske 94 inkl: Løyle

Last ned her; Søstrene Zappa

Sorry no English translation because if you don’t understand Norwegian you wouldn’t understand the humour inn the lyrics, and that is what makes Søstrene Zappa so much more than just another band/duo/artist.

onsdag 21. november 2007

NXP - Your Soul Is Ill

ClubGamers video to my track "Your Soul Is Ill". The track is included on the compilation album "Kill Kill Kill" (Out 1. December 2007) and on next years NXP album. Untill then you can buy my last album on Go To Gate Records here and you can download my latest EP for free from Ambolthue Records here.

More info on the album "Kill Kill Kill" you will find here at the end off this month.

måndag 12. november 2007

Untitled (PIF 26)

Untitled came in several cover variations, all made by Runar Karlsen.

De pravity (et bein). After being in several experimental Bodø outfits like “ “ Part, Remi Langmo teamed up with Jon Hveding. They had a whole bunch off names on their projects/duos/bands. Most off them is to be found on the Bla bla vol. 1 compilation cassette. One off these projects was De Pravity (et bein). They did a concerts as a trio including Buster from “ “ Part, but on this contribution they was a duo.

After a while with several names they ended up as PLX-15 and were a pre-techno duo (later trio) that released several cassettes and was included on compilations. Got not much attention since they was before their time. They toured a lot but without much success, so they broke up.

Langmo has after PLX-15 broke up, been solo artist under several names, like Remi and Wiipoor Will. He has released cassettes under both those names. Before, at the same time and after DE Pravity (et bein) broke up, he was in bands like The Gate, X-omatic, Manna, Humdinger and H.C. Electronic Orchestra.

Hveding moved to Oslo at the end off PLX-15. There he has been in a lot off bands like Behind Bars, Wantoslam, Bøyen beng, Crossbreed, Drunk a.o. They was all into punk and HC and they has released several albums, except Wantoslam that has tracks on compilations too look back at. Especially Bøyen beng toured a lot, also in Europe. They even had a minor commercial hit with the track “Månebarn”. After moving back to Bodø late in the 90`s he startet postpunk outfit HumdinGer. Later he quit to be a fulltime member off the reggae band Manna, and still is.

Fâlx Çèrebri. For more information visit his MySpace, you find it here.

Famlende forsøk. The band was started early in the 80`s and have since released a lot off cassettes and two LPs. They have also several tracks on compilations. Started as a band heavily influenced by the Industrial Records wave of band from the 70`s, like Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle and others. They soon left the trademark off their origins and have since that, never looked back. FF plays a strange and experimental music somewhere between Faust and Einstürzende neubauten, with a heavy dose Nurse With Wound and has not ever sounded like any off these bands. They sound like FF, that’s it.

Before and at the same time as they was involved in FF they has played in several bands and solo projects. Most off them are on compilations or on their own releases on the bands label Shit Tapes that changed name to Chaos some years ago. Off all this side bands/projects I assume that The Smell Of Incense is the most well known.

Here are som links that might be off interest; #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11

Dan Mc Kinney. I could not find any info about McKinney on the internet. There is a piano player with the same name, but I don’t think it’s the same person.

Konstruktivits. For more info visit the official www here.

GX Jupitter Larsen & the Haters. For more info here are some www addresses; #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11

Martin Howard Naylor. Could not find much info on Mr. Naylor on the internet. So here is a quote for you written by Dave Henderson in the mid 80`s; “After a brief flirtation with classical music Naylor built his own synth and started experimenting with sound. Setting up his own cassette/video label, Sorcerer Sound Productions (34, Bassingham Road, Wembley, Middx) he developed his own sound system and becoming a member of the London Musicians Collective he began to experiment with eastern instruments. A sample of his work can be heard on the Cause For Concern cassette compilation 'A Sudden Surge Of Power' (see CFC) and information and other tapes can be obtained direct from SSP.” From Dave Henderson’s “Wild Planet” series in Sounds, between 1983 and 1984.

Ny gate. Pop band that came out off the ruins from the punk band The Gate in Bodø early in the 80`s. On vocals they had Peter Pogo and the lyrics were a mix between punkish socialism and pure love songs. Ny gate was a good live band that got out a cassette and then a mini LP before they broke up. They was among the first bands from the punk/post punk area out of North of Norway to tour in Scandinavia. The band moved to Oslo at a late stage off their career, but it didn’t help them. They broke up late 80`s.

System liliput. For more info, look at the last blog entry before this one.

Termisk sammenbrudd. Before Ny gate had broke up Peter Pogo had a project called Termisk sammenbrudd. This was a synth outfit that he started as a duo with Kmysle. After their debut concert it has been a solo project. As that he has done a few concerts and made ballet music for a ballet that Amanda Steggell made.
Petter Pogo as Termisk sammenbrudd (Foto; Linn Stemland)
He had played in one off Bodøs first punk bands Hjertesvikt A/S before Termisk sammenbrudd. He quit after Hjertesvikt A/S had released their split cassette with The Gate. After Ny gate broke up he was involved in several Oslo bands like And The Balcony Fell, Bøyen beng, Pogomax, T-zers, Schweinhund a.o. Most known are his time in Jokke & Valentinerne, that later had line up changes and ended up like Jokke & Tourettes. Jokke is probably the most known composer off rock in Norway during the last 20 years. After his tragic death there has even been a road called up after him in Oslo. After this he has played in several bands like Valentourettes, SS Bondevik, Ronny Pøbel and in St. Thomas backingband, among many others. He has a silver medal in the Norwegian airguitar competition NM i luftgitar (!).

Vous. This was a solo project from Johnny Larssen. First he released two cassettes under his birth name, one off them was a split release with Martin Howard Naylor, before he ended up as Vous. As that he did a concert and then not doing music for several years.

Before he went solo he was living in Narvik, Norway. Here he was involved in several bands. Two off these has gone down in the history of Norwegian music as worth mention. First off all he was in the punk band Kriminel Ungdom. They changed their musically style to postpunk and had several line up changes before they ended up as Krim. U. As this they were on the cassette compilation “Null problem” and became a big underground band. At the same time he played in the progrock influenced band Slakt. They got out an album and then broke up. Since then they have had several reunion concerts.

He moved to Bodø early in the 80`s and went solo. After a break from music he came back as bass player in the postpunk influenced band Den tid…den sorg during the 90`s. Since then he has played in several bands in the more or less postpunk area from HumdinGer to Blaakraft among others.

Download Untitled here.

Also released on the Ferric Archaeology blogg, and on the Wet Dreams blogg.

fredag 2. november 2007

System liliput - Harpa (PIF 25)

There isn`t much to say about System liliput, because the person behind this solo project clearly doesn`t want too much attention to him as a person. He wants his music to speak for itself. And it does. One off the best D.I.Y. tapes in the pop aera during the 80`s released in Norway.

It was mostly sold in Stavanger aera where Geir Vasseng is living. He plays every instrument as well as sing and has written all off the music on this mini album. As far as i know this is the only release, and it`s a shame. The world needs more pop like this.

"Harpa" came out on Vassengs label Geva Tapes & Studio in 1984. The cassette included six inlay cards. They are all scanned, as well as the cover, and included in the RAR (with the music) you can download at this blog. Soon after the release off "Harpa" the track "Gatelangs" was included on the compilation tape "Untitled" on Requiem.

No download anymore since this cassette is now available here. More info about the rerelease here.

måndag 15. oktober 2007

various - REQ 013 (PIF 24)

Not released, only test pressing exists. Should have been released by Requiem Productions, but never did. This 7" EP from 1989 Includes;

A1 Njurmännen – Injured by Punishing Gods
A2 PLX-15 - Ode til en kjær venn
B1 Sadomaoistan – Terrorland
B2 GX Jupitter Larsen & The Haters – Forvandle

There exists only ten copies as test pressing off this record. Due to lack off money the record didn’t make it longer than to this white label test pressings in 1989. Originally was this EP to be included in the fanzine Requiem #44.

The Haters contribution was titled “Forvandle” (Norwegian for; change, transformation) on the master tape that Requiem got. On the official discography the contribution has changed name to “Bangoog”. What title is correct, I don’t know? I have used “Forvandle” on this vinyl ripp.

I guess that GX Jupitter Larsen & The Haters are so famous that readers off this blog is familiar to them. PLX-15 has been presented on this blog before. If you need to know more about the Haters and PLX-15 follow this links;

Selected GX Jupitter Larsen & The Haters links; #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11

PLX-15 #1

Njurmännen was a group from Sweden that released a lot off cassettes as well as singles and albums. Even a label was indirectly called up after them; Cold Meat Industry.

They started as band in September 1983. They was then; Magnus "AIR" Axelsson, Göransson (aka Shadow) and Johan "Mhugh" Linden. Shortly after they got Bosse "Bob Galban" Davidsen in the band. This line up did their first concert late 1983 or early 1984. Shortly after Galban quit. In easter 1984 the trio makes their first cassette (Hvem är Pavul?). While working on their second cassette album "Fejmert betong aktivator-reliker", they was expanded with Stefan Karlsson. With him they played some concerts. In January 85 both Mhugh and Karlsson quit. As a duo the rest off the band record "Masters 1992" in february 85.

During spring 1985 they became a trio including Peter "Linda Baby Doll" Andersson. As a trio they played their famous concert in Mjölby that later became (Njur 004). During summer 1985 they got Bobo Wieslander as livemixer and later studio producer. During fall 1985 Jonas Skoglund became their new bass player, after several persons had been in and out off the band. With him they recorded their marvelous album "CP" during the winter of 1986.

In August 1986 Skoglund quits and they continue as a trio. This line up make and preform a rock opera. First performence was in November 1986. Same month they recorded their first 7" "She's A Fucker". After 1987 i don`t know much. This is it; Doll quit after a while somewhere during the 90`s and the rest have recorded under the name Rotten Beak in a short period of time before they took back Njurmännen again. In 1997 they had a break, since then they have been back with two different line-ups. Any additional information on Njurmännen is more than welcome.

STOPP PRESS; Njurmännen is playing on the Oslo Poesifestival, in Oslo, Norway on 3. November 2007. And Njurmännen admits their web could be more up to date. They are working on updating it.

Their officialy discography is here, but i discovered that the following releases was missing on it;
- "Space Bullets" on the compilation "Im labratorium" (Mechanic Cassettes MC 004) MC with booklet 1986
- "Sänkt T.S." on the compilation "Myths of the Near Future" (Njur 008) MC 1987
- "A Womans Body Becomes A Cafeteria", "Eldsjälär" and "Tyrone" on the compilation "Koraktor" (nEGABEAT NB003) mc 1989 limited edition off 50 copys only.
- “Chinese Junkies” on the compilation “Return of Flexi-Pop Vol.8“ ( ) CD 2003
- "Du tror men du är & Det Ar Battre" on the compilation "Audioei 1" (OEI #26) CD with magazine (?), later online album for free download here. (as UKON and Njurmannen)
- Ulf Karl Olov Nilsson - Synopsis (ISBN 978-91-7139-785-0) Book (Poem collection) including a CD with UKON and Njurmännen.

Several Njurmännen and asociated artists/bands cassettes can be bought here.

Njurmännen videos on YouTube includes these two; Telepathic Hotline and San Francisco, Both videoes and more can be downloaded here.

Axelsson was pre Njürmannen in the Swedish punk band Mackt. More about them here and Lina B. Doll later solo as Dutch Nepal. He was also involved in the label Cold Meat Industry. Interview with Doll can be found here. Shadow later in Distortion Cowboys. Shadow has some novels in the book "Ut ur en pervers mænniska-b noveller (Njur 010) booklet.

Some more links to Njurmännen; #1 #2 #3 #4

Sadomaoistan was a band from Tromsø, Norway and was startet in 1985. Originaly they was musically a mixture off geniale dilletanten movement from Germany and more dark industrial music like Laibach and Coil. The track on this compilation is from that time. The band moved to Oslo late 80`s where they was a cult band among the more fetish/S&M/Gay communitys.

In this period they released their first (and only) cassette "1. Mai 1985 > 1. Mai 1988“ (Requiem) in 1988. It was described as the Norwegian answer to Laibach because off its mix between fetish, music and lyrics. In the first period the band included among others; Ivar R. Friis (R.I.P.), Jørn Bårtdgard, Halvard Haldorsen and Bjørn Rune Haugsbø. Haugsbø had quit the band before they moved to Oslo so the cassette is done as a trio.

Later they ended up as a more or less solo project for Halvard Haldorsen and musically they was changed into more techno and rave oriented music, even described as industrial acid house. At this time Haldorsen had friends and musicians with him in studio as well as on stage when he needed them, so call it a band would be too stretch the meaning off the world too long.

Haugsbø is now active in the solo project Immigrant. Haugsbø has also played in Tromsø band Trafo. Haldorsen was also a DJ at the gothic club Kjettersk kjeller, and probably still is. Haldorsen, as Sadomaoistan, has done several performance/concerts together with Genitalia. Fetish in every way was exposed at anyone who took the chance. Even did some TV shows on a smaller TV channel. Haldorsen has since then worked a lot with TV both in front off the camera and more on the production side. Haldorsen later in the duo The Machines.

Hopefully a complete discography;
- 1. Mai 1985 > 1. Mai 1988 (Requiem REQ 047) First edition was a MC with booklet in a metal box. Second edition "normal" MC, both 1988.
- “Øye (muslimix)” on the compilation “Nasjonal epleslang” (Lillebror label 001) MC 1990
- Der knoelhval des Nibelungen (excerpt) on the compilation ”Serious Statements & Silly Symphonies" (dBut #003) 2xMC 1991
- ”Scud” on the compilation “Nova Norvegia (get) Into The Arctic Groove” (Secondhand Records SHR 114) 2xLP 1991 (SZHR 114) MC 1991 (CSHR 114) CD 1991
- “Eskimo” on the compilation “Rock furore 22” (Rock furore RFCD 6) CD with the Norwegian music magazine Rock furore issue 22 (may 1993).
- "Arytmi" (Poppers Pop-Up Mix)" on the compilation "XS To The Ravezone" (Zonetripper TRIP 001) CD 1994
- "Arytmi" (Poppers Pop-Up Mix)" on the compilation "XS To The Ravezone" (Zonetripper Z001) 12" EP 1994
- Retroskopi (S M Art 001) CD 1997
- “Gal Hest vs. Bessie” on the compilation ”Larmende opptog i taushetsgata” (Siri rekkårdz 5.0/00) CD 2000 (as Sadomaoistan vs Paramount)
- Track(s) on the compilation “Antifascist Frequencies” (Komkol Autoprod 083) MC (as Sadomaoistan 88)

More links on Sadomaoistan; #1 #2 #3 #4 #5

Get REQ 013 here and scan off Requiem #44 fanzine (in norwegian mostly) here.

Av Tore Stemland

onsdag 10. oktober 2007


Alt du vil vite om Mitti skritti finner du på norsk her.

(Foto; Jan Martin Jensen)

Mitti skritti startet up as girl band around new year 1981/82 under several names, before they ended up as Mitti skritti during spring in 1982. They was now; Trine Bakken (drums/vocals) Merete Nilsen (guitar) and Monica Nilsen (bass). This wasn’t what they wanted so Trine became the singer and the hunt for a drummer began. They ended up with Kjell Bakken and began to practice. He quit the band after the summer of 82 and was replaced by Geir Petter "Dyret" Jensen (drums) (ex The Gate, Rognan håndballag a.o, and at the same time in Hjertesvikt A/S.). This line up did their debut consert 19 October 82 at Gimle in Bodø. Tracks from this concert ended up on 1) and 2). They was also interviewed for NRK and broadcasted the following week. Bodøs first HC band had made their live debut.

Cassette review in Sounds 19. March 1983

After the gig Merete quits and is replaced by Hans "Mini" Svendsen (gitar) (ex The Gate, Rognan håndballag a.o.). In November 82 this line up did their only demo recording. Tracks from this on 3) and 4). Later that month they was filmed by NRK for a program called Flimra. On 26 November 1982 they played as support for Wannskrækk at Norrøna in Bodø. This became their second and final gig. In January NRK showed the program and the month after they broke up. Musicaly they was inspired by artists Ebba grön and Discharge. Since they broke up has Jensen and Svendsen played in several bands. Jensen moved to Oslo in 85 where he has played in bands like Blindt hat, Life..But How To Live It? and Captain Not Responsible. He now playes in 2:20.


1) "Den kalde virkelighet" and "De sinnsyke" (both live) on the compilation Null problem (Gakk/B. rock KASS 1) MC 1982. Released in two editions. First edition has B. Jansen credited on the track ”De sinnsyke” by Mitti skritti. Second editon has T. Nilsen credited on the same track. Rereleased as Null problem NordNorsk pønkrock 1980-83 (Snack Ohm Tapes S.O.T.-02) cd 2000 with several bonus tracks.

2) "De sinnsyke" (live) on the compilation Tiddelibom (Bodø rockeklubb BRKCD 9402) 3xcd in a box with booklet 1994.

3) "Drømmer om frihet" on the compilation Hurra for Norge vol 1 (Svindel Records 003) cd August 2007.

4) “Se dæ rundt“ on the compilation Hurra for Norge vol 2 (Svindel Records 004) cd that shall be out 19. December 2007.

Download Mitti skritti here. (It includes their debut concert, TV and demo recording).

tysdag 12. juni 2007

PLX-15 - Kort prosess (PIF 21)

(Foto; Morten Andersen)

PLX-15 - Kort prosess lastes opp her på grunn av mas fra fansen :)(Loaded up here because off requests.

Duoen oppsto tidlig i 85 da De Pravity (et bein) skiftet navn til PLX-15. De besto da av Jon Hveding (gitar/tangenter/perkusjon/
cello/sang/rytmeboks programmering/bass) og Remi Langmo (sang/tangenter/perkusjon/rytmeboks programmering). Disse laget et repertoar bestående av til tider punkete synthpop, som i ettertid er blitt betegnet som pre tekno. Sommeren 85 spilte de inn en tre låters demo hvor bidraget på 3) er hentet fra. Etter dette får de med Lars Nicolaysen (gitar/trommer/tangenter/sang/rytmeboks programmering). Som en trio konsert debuterer de på Gimle 13/12-85 under en støtte konsert for Afrika.

Kort tid etter på nyåret 86 spiller de inn From Ritual To Romance med Petter Pogo som produsent. Pogo spiller i tillegg gitar på enkelte låter på denne utgivelsen. Fra denne er bidraget på samleplaten 5) hentet fra. Etter en konsert på Gimle 3/3-86 slutter Nicolaysen. PLX 15 debuterer som duo på Studenthuset i Tromsø 19/4-86, hvor de spilte oppvarming for Wow, en besvimte og Sadomaoistan. Denne konserten blir etterfulgt av en rekke konserter, blant annet Troilltampen 11 og 12/7-86, før de tar en pause høsten 86.

I Februar 87 starter de opp igjen som duo av Hveding og Langmo og spiller inn Kort prosess. Herifra er bidraget til 7) hentet fra. Deretter tar de seg en pause igjen før de har reunionkonsert som oppvarming for Glass 26/12-87, som trio inkl. Nicolaysen. Våren 88 hadde Hveding flyttet til Oslo hvor han og Hans "Mini" Svendsen (gitar/tangenter/sang) tar navnet PLX-15 våren 88. Kort tid etter var Langmo inkl. i denne trio utgaven av bandet. Disse rakk å spille to konserter i Oslo. Derav en på en støtte konsert på Blitz 29/5-88 for Anti viviseksjonen i lag med Race Against Time og So Much Hate, mens den andre var i lag med Sadomaoistan på No Dogs bar på Vålerenga. Etter denne konserten flytter Langmo tilbake til Bodø hvor han blir med i X-omatic som var Nicolaysen sitt nye band.

Hveding og Svendsen fortsetter som PLX-15 i en kort periode før bandet tar en ny pause sommeren 88. Nå skulle det bli en pause fram til romjula 94 hvor PLX-15 som duoen Hveding og Langmo gjorde to låter som en demo. Har etter dette kun hatt sporadiske øvinger, fram til duoen hadde konserten på Nordland Musikk Fest Uke sin årlige Ballroom konsert på Sinus 8/8-98. Etter dette kun vært samlet en gang i september 2003 hvor de spilte tre låter som trioen Hveding, Langmo og Nicolaysen under PLX-15 navnet på deres manager Tore Stemlands 40 års dag. I det siste er kravet om nok en gjenforeningskonsert økt i takt med mytene om duoen/trioen PLX-15.
(fra deres siste opptreden noensinne....i allefall hittil. Foto; Linn Stemland)

Hveding og Langmo hadde spilt under flere forskjellige navn før PLX-15, og siden har de spilt i lag i første oppsettene av både Manna og Humdinger. I sistnevnte ble også Nicolaysen med etter hvert. Hveding har hatt en lengre karriere i Oslo band som Bøyen beng, Behind Bars, Wantoslam, Harry Krishna og karmakammeratene med mer. Nicolaysen er kjent for solo prosjekter som Skjit-Lars og Nervøse lidelser foruten å ha spilt i Terror for Jesus, Bleah og nå er i både Humdinger og Blaakraft for å ha nevnt noe.

STOPP PRESS: PLX-15 er bekreftet for reunionkonsert på Bodø HardCore Festival i tidsrommet 20-25 nov 2007. Kommer tilbake til nærmere dato og sted når det foreligger.

Diskografi etter engelsk oversettelse.

Last ned PLX-15 - Kort prosess

Også utgitt på Eine Keine Angst Musik blogg.

NY INFO, lagt inn 18. november 2007; PLX-15 spiller onsdag 21. november på Gimle i Bodø som headliner på dag to under Bodø HardCore Festival.

The duo PLX-15 became a reality in 1985 when De Pravity (et bein) changed they’re name to PLX-15. They was then Jon Hveding (guitar/keyboard/percusion/cello/vocals/rythmbox/bass) and Remi Langmo (keyboard/percusion/ vocals/rythmbox/bass). They made a bunch off tunes that was a plce between punk and synthpop, later described as pre techno. In the summer of 85 they made a three track demo where they’re contribution to 3) is from. Soon after they was a trio including Lars Nicolaysen (guitar/drums/keyboard/vocals/rythmbox). As this trio they had their first concert at Gimle 13/12-85 under a benefit concert for Africa.

Soon after in the winter of 86 they recorded “From Ritual To Romance” with Petter Pogo as producer, and he plays guitar as well on some tracks. From this MC both tracks on 5) are fetched. After a concert at Gimle 3/3-86 Nicolaysen quit the band. PLX 15 has they`re first gig as a duo on Studenthuset in Tromsø 19/4-86, where they played support for “Wow, en besvimte” and “Sadomaoistan”. Several concerts followed, including playing on the Troilltampen festival 11 og 12/7-86, before they took they’re first break, autumn 86.

In February 87 they started up again as a duo of Hveding and Langmo and they record the album “Kort prosess”. The contribution to 7) is from this album. This was followed by another break. Late autumn 87 they was back as a trio including Nicolaysen and played a support concert for “Glass” at Sinus 26/12-87. In the spring 1988 did Hveding move to Oslo where he was joined by Hans "Mini" Svendsen (guitar/keyboard/vocals) under the name PLX-15. Shortly after this happened, Langmo followed to Oslo. This trio played two concerts in Oslo. First at Blitz 29/5-88 on a Anti viviseksjon benefit gig together with “Race Against Time” and “So Much Hate”. The other concert was as support for “Sadomaoistan” on “No Dogs bar”. After this Langmo quit and moves back to Bodø where he joined Nicolaysen in his new band X-omatic.

Hveding and Svendsen continues as PLX-15 a short period before the band takes a new break in the summer 1988. At christmas 1994 they was back as a duo off Hveding and Langmo and recorded a studio demo, before they took a new break that lasted to they played at the “Nordland Musikk Fest Uke” concert “Ballroom” at Sinus 8/8-98. After this they has only got togheter one more time, and this time as a trio off Hveding, Langmo & Nicolaysen in September 2003 at their manager Tore Stemlands 40 years birthday party. Rumours tell that they maybe will play again this year but nothing is confirmed yet.
(Photo; Jan Martin Jensen)
Hveding and Langmo had before PLX-15 plaed togheter under several band names. After the first break up off PLX-15 they have played togheter in the first line-ups of bands like Manna and Humdinger. In Humdinger they was in the second line-up joined by Nicolaysen as well. Hveding had a long history in a lot off Oslo bands like “Bøyen beng”, “Behind Bars”, “Wantoslam”, “Harry krishna og karmakammeratene” among others. Nicolaysen is well known for solo projects like ”Skjit-Lars” and ”Nervøse lidelser” and played in bands like ”Terror for Jesus”, ”Bleah” and is now playing in both ”Humdinger” and “Blaakraft” to mention a few.

Download PLX-15 - Kort prosess


1) From Ritual To Romance (Kassette Cassettes/Requiem/SRD KC 0002/REQ 333/SRD 008) MC Norway 1986

2) Kort prosess (Requiem REQ 1515) MC limited first edition in 15 copys with totaly diff. sleeve to the unlimited edition. Both Norway 1987. Also a promo cassette edition with the unlimited sleeve on SRD Tapes ( ) MC Norway 1987 (or 86?)

3) Various artists - Psychomania (Etiquette ER 009) lp with insert. Also a limited edition with handpainted cover by Nico de Haan. Belgium 1986 incl: Lufteturen

4) Various artists - FFFFF (Yecch Tapes YECCH 702) MC Norway 1986 Rereleased; Hypertonia (HWE 041) MC Norway 91 (HWE 041) minidisc Norway incl: Amen (remix)

5) Various artists - Can A Butterfly Smash A Wheel ?(Bodø raa raak klubb BRRK 2) lp Norway 1987 (BRRK 2) MC Czechoslovakia 1987 incl: De sterke/Much Too Soon When You're Tied Up

6) Various artists - Requiem EP (Requiem REQ 013) 7" test pressing only in 10 copys. Norway 1989 incl: Min undertrykte kjærlighet.

7) Various artists - Tiddelibom (Bodø rockeklubb BRKCD 9402) 3xCD in box with booklet Norway 1994 incl: Midnattsbarn

8) Various artists - Shit Happens (Nicolaysen Records NCD001) CD with insert Norway 1985. Limited edition of 1000 numbered copys. incl: Much Too Soon When You're Tied Up

tysdag 22. mai 2007


TFJ kom som et blindskudd i mørket vinteren 1990 og forlot moder jord sommeren 1991. En kort hektisk karriere med en håndfull konserter, mye latter, god drikke og en legendarisk 7" innspilling som skulle komme ut 11 år etter bandet ble oppløst. Vil du vite mer så les her. Pønk eller HC, who fucking care, dette er rett fra levra høyoktan PØNK uansett innsnevring. Liker du høy musikk som er brutal og vakker på samme tid er dette bandet for deg.

"Introducing YO! CORE" kom ut på Requiem Productions i 10 (ja du leste riktig ti) eksemplarer på ekstra tykk vinyl i 2002. Den kom da i en plastpose med et hefte med historien om bandet og de som hadde vært innvolvert i det, samt en badge som bare finnes i 10 eksemplarer. Utgivelsen var selvsagt utsolgt før den kom fra presseriet og er i dag en av de sjeldneste norske platene som finnes.

TFJ - Diskografi + cover

Terror For Jesus was a local punk act from Bodø that lastet little over a year between 1990 and 1991. In that short period of time they did a few concerts and a 7" EP recording. So why bother to give time to such a small part of the punk history? Well the 7" EP could probably had been one of the best Norwegian punk releases in the 90`s (hasn`t it been for it was not released before 2002). The band didn`t care for doing the right thing. They did what they wanted from Toy Dolls fun lyrics to lyrics Bad Brains or Dead Kennedys could have made to cover version of the most sold reggae 7" in Norway; "Svake menneske" (Weak people. About people who drink, smoke etc and how dumb they are. Norways first straight edge release, probably).

TFJ was into the game of punk to do what they wanted to do, when they wanted to do it. They got a lot of fans localy, but also some critics. Their band name means the same in Norwegian and English and was off course talk off the town for some religious fanatics.

Any how the band splitt when the fun became more serious than they wanted it to be, just after they had finished their debut EP (where they recorded several other tracks also, later released on a compilaton. For more info look at the discography). It should take 11 years before Requiem Production released it as a 7" EP in ten copys. Extra thick vinyl and a big booklet with everything you possible could want to know about the band + a badge made in ten copys as well. All in a plastic bag. Needles to say this is one off the rarest Norwegian punk releases ever.

TFJ - discografy + cover


1) Introducing; YO! CORE (Requiem Productions TFJ 001) 7" EP ps with booklet and badge in plastic bag. 2002. Limited edition of 10 (ten) copys.

2) va - Tiddelibom (Bodø rockeklubb BRKCD 9402) 3xCD in box 94 incl: Et tall i statistikken

3) va - Shit Happens (Nicolaysen Records NCD001) cd 95 m/vedleggsark. Limited edition 1000 numbered copys. Incl: Lesbian toesuckers/To menneska/Kick/...And The Wailers (as; SKJIT-LARS M/VENNER)/Ørjan & Bård spiller HC (as; VERTINNEN SKRIKER) (..And & Ørjan & Bård tracks under different names but recorded as TFJ during the same studio session as the rest of the EP.)

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Ronny Wærnes (PIF 19)

Live på BHCF #9 på Sinus 15/11-2007. (Foto; Tore Stemland)
Startet opp som solo artist under artistnavnet Ronny og ga ut sin debut plate ”1965” (Ronny) CD-R i 11 nummererte eksemplarer nov 05, før han føyde på sitt etternavn også. Som dette spilt bl.a. på Nødutgang 2006 og Bodø HardCore Festival #9. Samtidig startet han industriblues bandet Ronny The Råne And His Men On The Måne som etter noen konserter skiftet navn til Blaakraft vinteren 2007. Wærnes ble med i Psykisk tortur våren 2006, som er et av de eldste industrial bandene i Norge,. Han konsert debuterte med dem på Nødutgang 2006, et opptak som senere ble utgitt som ”Live at Bremnes fort July 2. 2006” (Go To Gate Records).

Som solo artist skal han opptre på den velrenommerte avant-garde festivalen Shiphorst i Tyskland nå i løpet av sommeren 2007. Spilte på en konsert våren 2007 som Origami Emergencyka. Her er Wærnes sin 15x1 cd utgivelse som kom i 15 eksemplarer. Alle låtene er på 1 minutt og var bidrag til ZH27 internasional audiocollaboration. Flere av minuttene er brukt i denne serien, men da som en del av lydcollagen som Zan Hoffman har utgitt.

Senere startet han i lag med sin bror Espen duoen Espron som gjorde en konsert og nå snart gir ut sitt debutalbum. Et annet prosjekt som kun har gjort en konsert er Bondens kongelige rådgivere. I tillegg til det rent musikalske er Wærnes styreleder i Klubb Nødutgang, festivalsjef for festivalen NØDUTGANG og en av tre som driver Go To Gate Records.

Last ned; Ronny Wærnes – 15x1

He started as a solo artist as Ronny and released his debut album ”1965” (Ronny) CD-R in 11 numbered copys in November 2005, before he became Ronny Wærnes. As this played at festivals like NØDUTGANG 2006 and Bodø HardCore Festival #9. At this time he also started the industrial-blues trio Ronny The Råne And His Men On The Måne. They changed their name to Blaakraft during the winter of 2007. Wærnes joined one off the oldest industrial bands in Norway; Psykisk tortur (Psychic Torture in Norwegian) during the spring off 2006. He had his debut concert with them at the NØDUTGANG 2006, a concert that was later released as Live at Bremnes fort July 2. 2006 (Go To Gate Records).

As a solo artist he shall perform at the well known avant-garde festival in Shiphorst in Germany during the summer 2007. He played one concert in the spring 2007 as Origami Emergencyka. Wærnes also contribution to the ZH27 international audio collaboration project. On the 15x1 he has collected all 21 contributions on a mini album called 15x1 and was released in 15 copies. Several off the tracks are used in the sound collages released by Zan Hoffman.

Later he and his brother Espen startet a duo called Espron who did one concert before they disappeared into studio and will release their debut album soon. Another project Ronny Wærnes has been involved in are Bondens kongelige rådgivere. They have only had one concert as well. In addition to the music itself he is involved in the club Nødutgang, as well as leader off the festival NØDUTGANG ad is one off three who runs the label Go To Gate Records.

Download; Ronny Wærnes – 15x1

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I rekken av obskure og alt for lite berømte prosjekter/band kommer Sluk. Dette er et solo prosjekt for kunstneren Runar Karlsen. Etter å ha malt i mange år begynte han på 80 tallet også å utforske metal klanger i kjølvannet etter Einstürzende Neubauten, Stockhausen og Cage. En demo og stillhet. Før han kom tilbake jobbet han i lag med Olav Hagen (aka A Place to Pray) i noen år uten at det kom så mye ut av det prosjektet. Noen remixversjoner som Sluk var involvert i er å finne her og her.

Tilbake til Sluk og det nye årtusenet tar han inn elektronikk i lydbildet. Det har ført til en rekke nye komposisjoner som tidvis kan minne om et soundtrack til en Lynch film ala Eraserhead, mens det andre stunder lysner litt opp av tungsinnet og viser musikalske føringer mot Swans og Munch uten at man direkte overgår seg selv av lykke. Mens han andre ganger kommer med låter i krysningspunktet mellom noe Merzbow og Steven Stapelton kunne ha gjort hvis de noensinne hadde møttes i et studio.

Sluk er i tillegg med i grupperingen ”The Plastic Punk Project” som du finner musikk fra på Sluk sin Urørt konto.

Last ned; Sluk

Some examples of Runar Karlsen illustrations on Norwegian MC releases during the 80`s. Left "Null problem" and right "Untitled".

In the series off obscure and not at all known projects/bands Paranoia is Freedom proudly presents Sluk. This is a solo project for the painter Runar Karlsen. After many years painting he also explored the world off music, inspired by Einstürzende Neubauten, Stockhausen and Cage. He made a demo and then it was quiet for over 20 years as Sluk. In the meantime he worked with Olav Hagen (aka A Place To Prey) for some years. From that period some remix versions has been put out on the big web, you find them here and here.

Back to Sluk and the new millennium. As Sluk he has now began to use electronics in his music. With that there is new dimensions in the music from Sluk. Sometimes it remains me of an alternative soundtrack to the Lynch movie “Eraserhead”. Other tracks could have been something Merzbow & Steven Stapelton had done in studio if those two ever got together in a studio.

Sluk is also involved in a group called “The Plastic Punk Project”. Music from them as well as Sluk is found here.

Download; Sluk

Give Me Your Horse (PIF 17)

GMYH sto på plakaten til Bodø HardCore festival #3.

GMYH var et relativt kortlivet hc band fra Bodø som eksisterte fra en gang i 2001 til engang i 2003. I løpet av disse ca to årene gjorde bandet flere konserter, og mot slutten av bandets eksistens en demo.

De startet opp med å inkludere; Peter Andersen (gitar) Espen Erikstad (gitar) Jon Severin Eivik Jakobsen (vokal) Gaute Johansen (trommer) og Sebastian (bass). Både Andersen og Johansen fortsatte mens resten forsvant ut av denne historien etter en stund, for å bli erstattet av; Mads Bye (gitar) Endre Njøs (bass) og Alexander Støver (vokal).

De fikk gjort en seks spors demo helt på tampen av sin eksistens. Det vil si den endte opp med fem ferdige låter, da låt nr to aldri ble fullført i følge Andersen. Line upen på demoen er forøvrig den andre og siste.

Andersen sier dessuten bl.a. dette om demoen; ”Demoen ble tatt opp på brødrene Bowitz sin hd-opptaker på Rockebadet (all takk til dem), og siden ingen av oss kunne skru noe særlig lyd, så ble den nå deretter. :)” og dette om bandet; ”GMYH var aktive i perioden 2001-2003 sånn ca. Spilte blant annet på OD-rockene i 2001 og 2002, samt Zoom i 2002. Etter det flyttet folk til alle kanter av landet. Det er vel uansett skjebnen til utallige band opp igjennom åra.”

Av de involverte har Støver gjort seg bemerket med soloprosjektet Binärpilot, mens Njøs har vært med i både Nagasaki og The Spectacle og spiller nå i Käthe Kollwitz.

Last ned; Give Me Your Horse – Demo

GMYH was a short lived HC band from Bodø that was active sometime between 2001 and 2003. During these two years they did several concerts and on the end they did a demo.

First line up included; Peter Andersen (guitar) Espen Erikstad (guitar) Jon Severin Eivik Jakobsen (vocal) Gaute Johansen (drums) and Sebastian (bass). After a while some people quit the band, the second line up ended like this; Andersen and Johansen both become drummers and the rest was replaced by; Mads Bye (guitar) Endre Njøs (bass) and Alexander Støver (vocal).

This second line up recorded the six track demo. Well it ended up finally only with five tracks since one track never was finished, according to Andersen. Line up on the demo is the second.

Andersen says this about the demo; “The demo was recorded at the borthers Bowitz HD-recorder on Rckebadet (thanx to them), and since no one off us could use the equipment the sound became like it is. :)” and this about the band “GMYH was active 2001-2003. We played at OD-rock in 2001 and 2002, and at Zoom in 2002. After that the people began to move away from Bodø to other parts off the country. I guess it is the faith off so many bands through the history.”

Off those who played in GMYH have Støver made his way to cult fame with his solo electronica project Binärpilot, while Njøs has played in bands like Nagasaki, The Spectacle and now playing in Käthe Kollwitz.

Download; Give Me Your Horse –  Demo

Takk for demo og info/Thanx for demo and help; Peter Andersen.

måndag 14. mai 2007

Tannkremmonsteret (PIF 16)

Av alle syke ting som har stått på en scene så er Tannkremmonsteret noe av det bedre. En usminket selvironisk og utadvent personlighet bruker tannkrem og tannbørste (eneste som går igjen i alle Tannkremmonsterets opptredener) og hva han ellers måtte ha for hånden. Nå kan du laste ned backingtapen å gjøre din versjon av Tannkremmonsteret. 

Bildet sier omtrent ingenting men samtidig illustrerer det galskapen og humoren og gleden det er å være tilstedet når Tannkremmonstret dukker opp. Last ned lyden og spill høyt. Nyt og dans og syng og send en link til filmen som du legger ut på nettet etterpå. 

Last ned; Tannkremmonsteret

Off every sick and bizzare performence that has been introduced before an audience are Tannkremmonsteret some off the better acts. Ironic and at the same time communicating to the audience at a subcontious level with the use off toothpaste and brush (always) and whatever else he gets his hands on during the show. Now you can download the Tannkremmonsteret backingtape and do your version.

the picture illustrate the madness and the fun and the pleasure off being in the same room as Tannkremmonsteret. Download the backingtape and play load. Enjoy, sing, dance and mail me a link to the documentry movie you have placed somwhere at the world wide web. 

Download; Tannkremmonsteret

laurdag 28. april 2007

Humdinger (PIF 15)

Humdinger ble startet på slutten av 90 tallet og hadde sin debut konsert på Mira kro i Skjerstad våren 99. De besto da av; Jon Hveding (gitar/vokal) Tommen Hveding (gitar/kor) Remi Langmo (tangenter) og Nigel Mowles (bass). Rytmeboksen fra første konsert ble rett etterpå byttet ut med den høyst levende Lars Nicolaysen (aka Skjit-Lars) som trakterte slagverket. Med hans inntog var han gjenforent med ex PLX-15erne J. Hveding og Langmo, i tillegg til T. Hveding og Mowles som ikke hadde særlig lang band erfaring. Jon Hveding vil nok mange huske fra band som Bøyen beng og Behind Bars og nå i Manna. Nicolaysen er urpønker med Norges første pønk låt utgitt på vinyl i USA (bidraget på Welcome to 1984) og nok mest kjent for det, spiller også i lydlauget Psykisk tortur samt flere solo prosjekter.

Etter noen få konserter slutter Mowles (og returnerer til England hvor han nå spiller i Miss Misery.) for å bli erstattet av Jens Hasselberg. Med det kom en av de mest rutinerte bassistene i Bodøs musikkliv inn i bandet. Hasselberg har tidligere spilt i band som Black Morning (Bodø bandet ikke det Australske) og FWJB, samt en rekke jobber som backingmusiker både live og studio. Denne utgaven av Humdinger fikk gitt ut bandets debutalbum i 2000 som kledelig nok het ”Humdinger” (visstnok et amerikansk ord for noe eller noen av høy kvalitet.). Samme året hadde de låten (hentet fra debut albumet) ”Musroom Men” på 7” ep samleren Fuckin' North Pole Punk Rock Collection vol.1. Etter dette skulle det gå noen år før det kom nye utgivelser.

I mellomtiden forsvant Hasselberg, J. Hveding og Langmo ut av bandet. Etter flere personellskifter fikk T. Hveding og Nicolaysen med seg Steven Balmbra (vokal) og Johnny Larssen (bass). Sistnevnte opprinnelig fra Narvik hvor han bl.a. spilte i Krim.U. og Slakt. Fra 80 tallet bosatt i Bodø hvor han bl.a. har hatt et solo prosjekt. Denne kvartetten har holdt sammen siden mai 2004. De konsertdebuterte på Bodø HardCore Festival i november 2005. Denne konserten ble filmet og utgitt som DVD tre dager senere i november 05. Noen konserter senere så er vi i april 2007 og bandet har akkurat vært i studio igjen for å spille inn en demo. Så får framtiden vise hva som skjer med den.


1) Humdinger (Humdinger) CD-R 2000

2) div artister - Fuckin`North Pole Punk Rock Collection Vol. 1" (Requiem Productions/Underground, 2000) med låten "Mushroom Men" fra "Humdinger". Platen kom ut i 300 nummererte eksemplarer fordelt på 3 vinylfarger av 100 eksemplarer hver. Fargene var rød, grønn og blå. Utgitt i samarbeid med Underground records. Hver av selskapene hadde sitt cover så det eksisterer ca 50 ex på hver vinylfarge med respektive selskap sitt cover. Covret som er brukt her er Requiem sin utgave.

3) Live (HumdinGer) DVD-R 2005

Last ned; Humdinger (CD 2000 + bonus tracks)

NY INFO, lagt inn 18. november 2007; HumdinGer spiller torsdag 22. november på Sinus i Bodø på dag tre under Bodø HardCore Festival. Samtidig slipper de sitt nye album "What you hear is what you get".

Humdinger was started at the end of the 1990`s and had it`s first concert at Mira kro in Skjerstad in the spring of 99. The band was; Jon Hveding (guitar/vocal) Tommen Hveding (guitar/background vocal) Remi Langmo (synth) and Nigel Mowles (bass). The rythmbox used at the first gig was soon after replaced with the living legend Lars Nicolaysen (aka Skjit-Lars) on drums. With Nicolaysen in the band he was reunited with ex PLX-15 mates J. Hveding and Langmo. The other two; T. Hveding and Mowles, didn`t have much band experience before Humdinger. Jon Hveding is famous for his part in bands like Bøyen beng and Behind Bars and now in Manna. Nicolaysen had the first Norwegian punk track released on wax in the States with his contribution on Welcome to 1984), he is also involved in bands like industrial metal percussion orientated Psykisk tortur and sevral solo projects.

After a few concerts Mowles quit and returns to England and joins Miss Misery. He was replaced by Jens Hasselberg. Hasselberg is one off the oldtimers in Bodø scene. He had played in bands like Black Morning (Bodø band, not the Australian band) and FWJB, and a lot off session work both in studio and on the road for other artists. This line up of Humdinger released their self titled debut album in 2000. The same year they had a track from the album on a 7" punk compilation for bands in North of Norway called "Fuckin' North Pole Punk Rock Collection vol.1". After this it would be years before the next release.

(Current line up animated by Tiny)
In the meantime Hasselberg, J. Hveding and Langmo quit. Several person came and quited before a new englishman ended up in Humdingers line up. Steven Balmbra (vocal) didn`t have much band experience but enough to take over the fontman jobb. Johnny Larssen (bass) has his origins from Narvik where he played in bands like Krim.U. and Slakt. From the 80`s living in Bodø where he had a solo project under his own name (splitt MC with Martin Howard Naylor) and as Vous. This line up has been togheter as Humdinger since May 2004. They had their concert debut at the Bodø HardCore Festival in November 2005. The concert was filmed and released as a DVD only three days later in November 2005. Some concerts later we are in April 2007 and the band has been in a studio again to record a demo, so now we can only wait and hope.

1) Humdinger (Humdinger) CD-R 2000
2) Various artists "Fuckin`North Pole Punk Rock Collection Vol. 1" (Requiem Productions/Underground, 2000). Includes "Mushroom Men" taken from "Humdinger". It came out in 300 copies with the colours green, red and blue on 100 copies each. Since it was a joint adventure between Requiem and Underground both companys made their own picture sleeve, so each colour has 50 copies with each ps. Requiem ps used here.
3) Live (HumdinGer) DVD-R 2005

Download; Humdinger (CD 2000 + bonus tracks)

NEW INFO, 18. november 2007; HumdinGer are playing on day three, November 22 on Sinus in Bodø under Bodø HardCore Festival. At the same time they finaly release their new album "What you hear is what you get".

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