torsdag 2. april 2009

Asod dvi - Greatest Hits vol. 2 (PIF 40)

Here is the ASOD DVI – Greatest Hits VOL 2. This is a CD-R that will be released on Requiem Productions 18. April 2009. This is a compilation off tracks from several compilations as well as from their own releases, and unreleased tracks. Download it here. (new link!)

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If you read Norwegian you can learn more about the duo here.
Discography at Discogs.

Asod Dvi was from 1984 to 1990 a duo off D.S.D. and NXP (also known as Nekro XP).

21-1 (in this mix) This is a remix of their contribution to the “Adios Amigo” MC. It was made several mixes, one was included on the 6x10=60 compilation tape, This mix was intended for a compilation off remixes, but it was never released.

1917 (edit) Unreleased track I found on a tape years ago. Can’t remember when we recorded this one but if it was recorded at the same time as the other stuff on the cassette I found it on it would have been sometime in 1986.

A.D. Sakharov Recorded for the compilation LP “Psychomania”. It came in a limited edition with hand painted sleeve before the “normal” printed sleeve edition. The track is our support to Sakharovs fight for peace.

Café De Flores Track that was included on the compilation “The Neck Party” in 1986. This was recorded in 1985 for another compilation in Spain that never was released as far as the band know.

Det synkende skip About the same time as Katacombe vol 2 came out Asod Dvi got a request for the next Selbsmordorganizatione compilation. So NXP recorded the second track in Asod Dvi`s history and the last as a solo artist under the Asod Dvi name. The track is called Det synkende skip (the sinking ship) after a headline in a local newspaper.

E.S.N.R.S. (Side A) off the single cassette release in 1986. Later this ended up on the compilation “The Neck Party” as an untitled If, Bwana track.

Greatest Hits VOL 1 Someone had taken all the recordings by Henry Cow and mixed those together into one track on the Miniatures compilation LP. We thought the idea was brilliant but we wanted to do our twist on it so we took a few seconds from every track and made a collage out off it.

(A New Generation Ov Freedom Fighters Following Jim Jones Example Ov Living In) Harmony and Peace Another collage/noise track made for the Yecch compilation Katakombe Vol 7. We took what we had in the noise department and jammed this track together.

Hey, What`s The Matter (another remix) Unreleased remix, that wasn’t used on the Great Evening compilation. I wonder why for this mix is so much better than the one ended up on the compilation.

Like This (remix) On the compilation “Europa 6 (Norway)” the original version of “Like This” was included. Well we was never satisfied with it but because off short deadline we agreed to let it go. It is probably the thing we regret most about in the history off the duo. Long story short we did a remix that we mailed just weeks after but it was too late. The compilation was already released. So here it is for the first time the mix we could live with.

Messed Up (Brain Damage) This track was the last that was released in the Asod dvi history. It ended up on the compilation LP for Blitz in Oslo, Norway, called “Blitz Hitz”. From Blitz own www “Blitz is an autonomous counterculture-centre in central Oslo. For over 25 years Blitz has been fighting oppression, government control, culture commercialisation and passivication.”. The track was also used on a program about the “Blitz hitz” album/Blitz at the national broadcasting TV station in Norway, NRK.

Natures Trick For the compilation “FFFFF”. This track was made during our most heavy Psychic TV fascination.

Orgasm In A Plastic Bullet From the album “We Live In Black And Die In White”.

Re Edition ov A John Cage Symphony The title says it all I think. Was to be included on a compilation, can’t remember witch, never the less it was not included so it doesn’t matter any more. Unreleased until now. (Look at comments for more information)

Schön, sehr schön/T.B.L. Collage made for the compilation “Can A Butterfly Smash A Wheel?” that was a sort off who is who in the underground music scene in Bodø, Norway (just north off the Arctic Circle) in the mid 80`s. Soon after the LP was out this was re-released with several bonus tracks on MC in Czechoslovakia.

She Said So First track recorded and made. It was early in 1984 after getting an invitation to do a contribution to the Katacombe Vol. 2 compilation. "I took a bunch off records from my parent’s record collection that was seriously damaged so that it became unwanted loops (well I welcomed them anyway). I mixed this together with some scratching on top." says NXP about this track. Probably the first recording released with a Norwegian artist doing scratching.

Sleeping In Snatches This one was included on the 6x10=60 compilation tape.

The Love Song A track that was made for the national broadcasting TV station in Norway, NRK. It was intended to be used in a TV series about the music scene in North Norway. The track is recorded in Tromsø at NRK studios with their producer. The track is great but the video to the music was too controversial for NRK, so they turned it down and didn’t make the video and didn’t use the track. The video should have been original footage off Russian prisoners during WW2 in Norway marching in the rhythm off the track, that’s it. This was to focus on those prisoners none talked about faith. They were tortured to death in working camps. Thanks to the Russians we have railroad to Fauske, thanks to the Russian we have better roads etc etc. We have so much to thank them for, and so much to be ashamed off. The Russians has not got the recognition for their impact on our daily life, over 50 years later it is still so controversial that it can’t be talked about in Norway. “The Love Song” was our little homage to all those Russian prisoners, and victims off war. The track was later used on the compilation “State of the Art”.

Too Many Risks (fellatiomix) From the album “We Live In Black And Die In White”.

Untitled (Again) This is a different version off the track used on the compilation “Im labratorium”. Unreleased.

Untitled (Not Again) This is a different version off the track used on the compilation “Im labratorium”. Unreleased and turned down by Insane Music that asked for contributions for their compilations. They didn’t like it, well OK then we thought and that was that.

Waves As a kid I used to listen a lot on the radio and all the sounds that was between the station was sometime so magic that my listening could end up right there. Usually I would wake up in the morning with a completely different wave-symphony and my head full off strange dreams.

1) E.S.N.R.S. (Requiem Productions REQ 015) MC 1986 Norway with A3 poster. Limited edition off 20 numbered copy’s (E.S.N.R.S. part A and B) Free dowload here.
2) 21-1 (Requiem Productions REQ 043) postart zine in 15 copy’s 1988 Norway
3) We Live In Black And Die In White (Requiem Productions REQ 019) MC 1989 Norway with several inlays. All in a hermetic preservation metal box. Limited edition off 20 numbered copy’s. (Orgasm In a Plastic Bullet/DSD – Re Mix Manifesto/Too Many Risks (fellatiomix)//Messed Up (Brain Damage)/NXP – Percussion Overture/The Rhythm (Edit)) Free download here.
4) various artists - Katacombe vol 2 (Schrei Records) MC Germany 1984 (She Said So) (Rereleased on several cassette companies around the world including Requiem Productions.) Free download here; Side A Side B
5) various artists - Strandlek (Selbsmordorganizatione) MC Sweden 1984 (Det synkende skip)
6) various artists - The New Rock`n`roll (DTW 05/06) 2xMC Germany 1985 in paper bag with info inlay (Requiem To N.N.)
7) various artists - Adios amigo (Requiem Productions REQ 021) MC 1985 Norway in plastic bag with info insert (21-1) Free download here.
8) various artists - 6x10=60 (Requiem Productions REQ 222) MC 1985 Norway with booklet. (21-1 (radio mix)/I dette øyeblikk/Sleeping In Snatches/Feelings Of Isolation). At the same time released by the other artists companies; Calypso Now (Switzerland) El consumo del miedo (Spain) Graf Haufen Tapes (Germany) Korm Plastics (Holland) ZSF Productions (Japan). Later as CD-R (Korm Plastics/Staalplaat kp 6) in 1999 and on several other labels both on MC and as CD-R.
9) various artists - Rock mot Sjøhuset (Bodø raa raak klubb BRÅK 1) MC 1986 Norway (Plastics)
10) various artists – Great Evening (Futu x Tapes FUTU 5) MC 1986 Belgium (Hey, What's The Matter (re-mix)) Free download at the No Longer Forgotten Music blog.
11) various artists - Psychomania (Etiquette Records ER 009) LP 1986 Holland with info inlay. First in a hand painted by Nico de Haan in a strictly limited edition, before the version with printed sleeve was released. (A.D. Sakharov)
12) various artists - FFFFF (Yecch Tapes YECCH 702) MC 1986 Norway (re-released by Hypertonia (HWE 041) MC 1991 Norway) (Nobody Is Perfect/Natures Trick) Still available here.
13) various artists - The Neck Party (Markus Arvidson) MC 1986 Sweden (Cafè de florès/E.S.N.R.S.) Free download at the No Longer Forgotten Music blog.
14) various artists - Europa 6 (Norway) (Alberto Caddedu) MC 1987 Italy with booklet (Plastics/Like This)
15) various artists - Can A Butterfly Smash A Wheel? (Bodø raa raak klubb BRRK 2) LP 1987 Norway (BRÅK 02) MC 1987 Czechoslovakia (Schön, sehr schön/T.B.L.) Still available here
16) various artists - Im labratorium (Mechanik Cassettes MC 06) MC Sweden 1987 with booklet (Untitled)
17) various artists - State of the Art (Requiem Productions REQ 040) MC 1987 Norway (The Love Song/All I Want (Is A Machine)) Free download here.
18) various artists - Katakombe vol 7 (Yecch tapes YECCH 4NI4) MC 1988 Norway (re-released by Hypertonia (HWE 064) MC 1992 Norway) ((A New Generation Ov Freedom Fighters Following Jim Jones Example Ov Living In) Harmony and Peace). Free download at the Paranoia Is Freedom blog. Still available here.
19) various artists - Motop 1 (If Records CMH 1704) LP 1989 Holland with info inlay (Greatest Hits vol 1)
20) various artists - Blitz Hitz (Blitz Recordings BZ 8901) 2xLP 1989 Norway with booklet (BZ) MC 1989 Norway (Messed Up (Brain Damadge))