laurdag 31. desember 2011

The Haters - Cultivating Calamities (Custom Penetration remix) (PIF 45)

Here is a remix by NXP off The Haters track  "Cultivating Calamities" called Custom Penetration. Enjoy and happy new year. Free download here.

If you want you can also download the original track from GX Jupitter-Larsen´s Communique.
(Photo by NXP from The Haters only concert in Norway, at the NØDUTGANG festival in 2009)

torsdag 29. desember 2011

fredag 2. desember 2011

My Dying Pony debut single

The new duo for The Dead Player and 10RSAX is called My Dying Pony and has released their debut single "Faded Memories/Friendship is Magic Theme" in a melodic death metal version, today. You can hear it on YouTube under here and you can download it for free here.