måndag 4. november 2019

NXP - Survival Without Recovery (Darknes Dosen´t Fade Away) (PIF 47/XP 23)

This is a compilation off tracks that where left over from albums, rejected to compilations, tracks that i could not fit in with anyone else. Some have been on my PC from the 1980´s, others not. The newest track is from 2018, so this is my catharsis. I am cleaning the table so to speak. Enjoy or not, it is here for free download.

Many thanx to Liz Berg for kind permission to use her field recording on the track Domestic Disturbance.

Music, cover, producer, mix, photo and everything else NXP (except som stolen samples here and there)

This release is released by Paranoia Is Freedom (PIF 47) and Requiem Productions (XP 23)

As always free download. Grab it here.

fredag 1. april 2016

RuMuJo - Circus RuMuJo (PIF 46)

On licence from Puppiversal Records here is last months brand new album from underground cult artist RuMuJo. Originaly only released as a torrent through Pirate Bay. But as we all know that means it is not easy to acces as long as many gouvernments has banned Pirate Bay (so called freedom of choice).

Well the album is called "Circus RuMuJo". Don´t expect anything because it is not what you expect. It is not pop, but it is catchy as hell, it is not rock but have the power as a rock tune should have. It is not experimental, but at the same time it is. Confusing, oh yes. But that is RuMuJos trademark. You never know whas next from this great composer, muscian and now circus owner. Enjoy.

As always free download. Grab it here.

søndag 17. februar 2013

New NXP album out now.

 Brand new album from NXP. This time he is exploring ambient noise. ear candy for any music lover? Don´t think so. This is for those who dear to dive into the darkness, just to explore that it is even darker. Free download from here.

torsdag 9. februar 2012

fredag 20. januar 2012

Magaupload is down

Last night Megaupload was shut down by New Zeeland authority after US authority asked for this action. Therefor all links are down until i get them uploaded somwhere else. I am sorry for this, but it has nothing to do with fighting piracy as ALL downloads on this blog is 100% legal and approved by each artist. So no thanx to this anti piracy campaign that strangles free speach and artistic movement.

We want freedom, not censorship. What ever happened to free speach? Seems that is all over in the States these days.

I´m working on uploading all entrys so when that is done i will mark these with (new link!).

laurdag 31. desember 2011

The Haters - Cultivating Calamities (Custom Penetration remix) (PIF 45)

Here is a remix by NXP off The Haters track  "Cultivating Calamities" called Custom Penetration. Enjoy and happy new year. Free download here.

If you want you can also download the original track from GX Jupitter-Larsen´s Communique.
(Photo by NXP from The Haters only concert in Norway, at the NØDUTGANG festival in 2009)

torsdag 29. desember 2011

fredag 2. desember 2011

My Dying Pony debut single

The new duo for The Dead Player and 10RSAX is called My Dying Pony and has released their debut single "Faded Memories/Friendship is Magic Theme" in a melodic death metal version, today. You can hear it on YouTube under here and you can download it for free here.

onsdag 27. april 2011

New singel from The Dead Players (PIF 44)

First singel from the debut album "Anarchy" from The Dead Player is now released through YouTube:

and can be downloaded for free here. (new link!)

søndag 6. mars 2011

NXP - One Minute Later

"One Minute Later" is the new album from NXP. It is a free album for everyone to share (as long as no one charges anyone for this music). It is released by both Go To Gate Records (GO TO DL 20) and Requiem Productions (XP 11). For more about NXP look here, here and here. NXP will release a split 7" with Torstein Wjiik, later this year. Also a new album to be released when a company are willing to released it. Anyone interested?

The album was partly done after listening to one off NXPs favorite albums "Commercial Album" by The Residents and partly after contributing to Hal McGees International Email Audio Art Project, so many thanx to them both. After this he was into the groove and made several one minute tracks and love the restriction in time. After a while he had to draw a line and concluded if Residents could do 40 tracks, so can NXP. Well here is the results is for your pleasure only.

Go To Gate Records and Requiem Productions are both record company’s from Bodø, Norway. Check their catalogues. Support your local DIY company.

Free download (including cover) in MP3 256 kbps here; Mediafire or Internet Archive. PS if you put it out on a blog or whatever, please send me a link and thank you in advance for promoting this album.