måndag 4. november 2019

NXP - Survival Without Recovery (Darknes Dosen´t Fade Away) (PIF 47/XP 23)

This is a compilation off tracks that where left over from albums, rejected to compilations, tracks that i could not fit in with anyone else. Some have been on my PC from the 1980´s, others not. The newest track is from 2018, so this is my catharsis. I am cleaning the table so to speak. Enjoy or not, it is here for free download.

Many thanx to Liz Berg for kind permission to use her field recording on the track Domestic Disturbance.

Music, cover, producer, mix, photo and everything else NXP (except som stolen samples here and there)

This release is released by Paranoia Is Freedom (PIF 47) and Requiem Productions (XP 23)

As always free download. Grab it here.

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