fredag 19. desember 2008

PLX-15 live at this years Nødutgang festival (PIF 35)

Here it is, the complete and unedited PLX-15 concert at this years Nødutgang festival in Bodø, Norway. Last track with guest appearance from Art-errorist (aka Peron in Faust). The place was Sinus and the date was 13. June 2008. Enjoy. (both photos; Linn Stemland)

Free download here; PLX-15 - Live 13. June 2008

fredag 15. august 2008

NXP – It is from zero, in zero, that the true movement of being begins (PIF 34)

This album came out as a CD-R on Go To Gate Records (Bodø, Norway) (GO TO CD 006, 2007). It is now almost out of order from the label so it is about time to make it available for those who want to get it for free. For those who understand Norwegian you can read more about NXP`s former bands at this links; Asod Dvi, Psykisk tortur and Terror for Jesus. He has been in several other projects as well ranging musically from noise/industrial to cut up experimental to punk.

As NXP (aka Nekro XP) he started as early as in 1982 with experimental stuff inspired by groups like The Mesmerizing Eye, Mothers of Invention, Einstürzende neubauten and Boyd Rice/NON. Soon he drifted into John Cage, Steve Reich and Arne Nordheim. Inspired by the possibilities to create sounds that was correct for his mood, more than those already created drove him into a dark world off music that also had a touch of early inspirations from Black Sabbath, Boney M. and Joy Division. This mix off possibilities ended up as his debut album “Café muzak” in 1984. At that time he also made music in the duo Asod dvi. For every new album he changed his input to make music so no album sounds the same, but they have that NXP stamp on the music all the way.

After more than 26 years as a solo artist he had his debut concert at the local avant garde festival NØDUTGANG this summer. A festival he had been one off several people to start and run. In between those years he had been doing things like writing lyrics for several artists including Skjit-Lars and Mitti skritti. Arranged concerts, done fanzines, several poem collections, a book about the rock and pop scene in Bodø, Norway among other things. He runs a label called Requiem Productions where you can download all his releases on that label. He has also a www only EP out on the Ambolthue Records label that you will find here. Some tracks can also be downloaded from his MySpace.

Other links of interest; #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8

Download here.

tysdag 3. juni 2008


This is a free download album to promote this years NØDUTGANG festival. It will hit everyone brave enough to be there between June 12 and June 15. The concerts and performances will be held at several venues in Bodø (Norway). For more information about the program, dates, prices etc look at this link.

The album is the third in a row that pick up several off the artists on the festival and let them present their music. The first two years (2006 and 2007) came out as CDs, but we thought that it might be better to let it be a free download album. So here it is. Free for everyone to download and distribute at their www or blog or whatever. NO ONE has any permission to take any kind off fee for downloading these tracks. OK enough words lets get into the real thing. Here is the tracks;

Art Errorist – Esistmirkalt
Bagio – Migraine
Bjerga/Iversen - Theres A Ghost In The Dream Machine (extract for Nødutgang)
Blaakraft - Opus 23
Hr. Vandal - Through the air
La STPO - Colonies (Edit)
NXP - Soundtrack of our lives (emergency exit mix)
PLX 15 - Power Within
Scared Dog - A Space Tail Pt 1
Skoulding, Zoë – Astrolaire
Tognazzi featuring Haddy – Song For A Dark Girl
Torstein Wjiik – 010
Wærnes, Ronny - Trans-micro Impro Express

The album is in two parts as RAR. You can download part A here and part B here.

The albums for 2006 and 2007 can be downloaded for free here.

tysdag 6. mai 2008


In 2006 the first NØDUTGANG festival was held in Bodø, Norway. Among the artists was the legendary German band Faust, as well as a lot off local artists and the most famous Norwegian noisemaker Lasse Marhaug. A festival has to have a compilation CD, so Go To Gate Records made one. The same label made the CD for the 2007 festival as well. This time the headliners included S/T, KK Null, Lisa Dillan and Puma with Lasse Marhaug. A lot off local artists like; Ronny Wærnes, Balmbrain and Mouches volantes played as well. All off them and some more was on these two compilation CDs that both has sold out.

Now it is just a month to this years festival so the time is right for downloading this two compilation albums. The 2006 CD came in a limited edition with a Faust bonus DVD in 100 copys. I have not included the DVD here, sorry.


01 RRMM - Høsten (Live, Sinus, Bodø, 4 mars 2006)
02 Lasse Marhaug - Hurtigbåt til Steigen
03 Psykisk tortur - Very Nervous Mix
04 Faust - A Hard Rain
05 Hide Unas – Massenkarambolage
06 Oceanism - Vacant Space
07 Lars Myrvoll – Ionfighting
08 Juryen & Psykisk tortur - Energi skal utløses i luft (utdrag)
09 Ronny Wærnes - Voix


01 S/T - Ein lied für Bodø
02 Lasse Marhaug - Lars Myrvoll, where are you
03 Balmbrain - They said they knew what they where doing
04 Julius Androide - Lørdag kl8
05 Mouches Volantes - The Armadillo
06 KK Null - Ergos (Ryusei) mix
07 Red Ape – 88
08 Lisa Dillan – Komprisasjon
09 Ronny Wærnes - Happy Days
10 Excaserbate – Exaggerate
11 Puma - No timidity nor compassion
12 Ectogram - The seduction of clytemnestra

Download 2006 here; part 1 - part 2
Download 2007 here; part 1 - part 2
Download CD cover scan here.

søndag 27. april 2008

Katakombe vol. 7 (PIF 33)

Katacombe was a series off cassettes that was released by Schrei Records first and after that by Industria Tepa. About the start and Schrei i have borrowed this from Discogs;
"Schrei Records was a short lived non-profit sublabel of Graf Haufen Tapes. formed in late 1983. All tapes were available for cost price or blank tape and return postage. The main attraction was the Katacombe series which features the main players in the worldwide tape scene of experimental and industrial music, as well as power electronics (then called hardcore electronics). The idea was to make the band and projects wider known."

Vol 1 - 4 was later re-released by the Dutch label Industria Tepa. This label continued the series and released vol 5 and 6. After that nothing happened before the Norwegian cassette label Yecch Tapes released vol. 7 (MC only). Seven has been some kind off a secret that few people are aware off so, here it is on Paranoia is Freedom. After the Yecch label more or less collapsed, the Norwegian label Hypertonia World Enterprices re-released it in a remastered edition that is still available, as CD-R, audio cassette and minidisc.


A 01 Mario Marzidowsek - I`m Going Home
A 02 L.S.D. - L`Ultima Venere Al Maceo
A 03 Asod Dvi - (A New Generation Ov Freedom Fighters Following Jim Jones Excample Ov Living In) Harmony And Peace.
A 04 Esruk - Snake V.D.
A 05 Esruk - Deathbus
A 06 Radical Change feat. Vincentini R. - Neagitive Song
A 07 BRT Presley kanån - Djevel i tvedrakt

B 01 Alain Basso - Le Chariot
B 02 Exterminator - Kill Stefan Schwab
B 03 Nostalgie Eternelle - deceptive Idyl
B 04 Flatbush - Points For Review
B 05 Z.B.Z. - Flamme
B 06 Zeitgeist And The 7 Year Itch - Sequences For dreaming

Download it here.

Download and share the good music on your blog, to your friends or on any other way possible.

fredag 29. februar 2008

Gilbært å Sølivan (PIF 32)

We are talking about a punk-jam trio. Original line up was; Aage Asphaug (drums) Remi Larsen (bass) and Petter Pogo (guitar/vocals). They had their debut concert at Gimle in Bodø 3. March 1986. Their debut was four tracks long and half was their own compositions, the other two was cover versions off Wayne/Jane County and Public Image LTD. Asphaug has played in among other things in Svartedauen and Sekunda mannsverk. Larsen played in one off the best bands from Bodø; Cakewalk. Pogo has been in several bands in Bodø before he moved to Oslo and joined Jokke & Valentinerne among many other bands.
(from left to right; Pogo, Nicolaysen, Larsen. Photo; Morten Andersen)
At the next concert Lars Nicolaysen become the new drummer. After this concert they did a last one where Lars Myklebust played the drums, Ørjan Tverbakk on bass (both ex SnowCats), Peter Pogo on backing vocals and Lars Nicolaysen on lead vocals. Through out their short time they stayed true to their punk spirit.

Download for Live at Gimle 3. March 1986

onsdag 30. januar 2008

Johnny Hazard - Useless (PIF 31)

Johnny Liadal from Haugesund are for the rock interested mostly known as Johnny Hazard. As this he gave out a solo cassette in 1985 called ”Useless”. It was released by two different cassette labels at the same time. The sleeves has a few differences, the biggest is that the first track on side B has different title. It is the same recording and Liadal couldn’t give an explanation to this. He said that the listener has to choose witch title she/he wants. The titles are; ”Hunger Of Man” or ”Hungry On Man”. The release got a few fanzine reviews that were off the best kind.

As Hazard he gave out the fanzines ”Døgnflue” and ”Mutasjon” early in the 80`s. At the same time he played in the punk band Blister and from 1982 to 86 in a more new wave band called Im nebel. They was a mix between Velvet Underground and Joy Division. Im nebel changed style and name in 86 to pop and the name The Colors Turned Red. In 88 they released their debut album and in December same year they broke up.

Liadal has since worked with booking on Flytten in Haugesund through out the 90`s. From 1990 to 2002 he also was a musician in the band Månen. As that on several tours and releases. On several occasions he has been DJing. In 2004 The Colors Turned Red was reunited for a jubilee concert in Haugesund. That was so fun that they stayed together for a track on a Christmas compilation and a EP the following year. In 2006 the gave out their second album “All The Way Up”. Since January 2007 has Liadal been working with booking on Folken in Stavanger.

Johnny Hazard discography;
1) Useless (Sophisticated Artworks SA 80 006) mc 85 and on (Consum/Sophisticated Artworks 03/SA 80 014) mc 85
2) ”2-u” on the compilation FFFFF (Yecch 702) mc 86 (re-mastered and re-released on Hypertonia with a new cover in 90 (HWE 041))
3) ”Utdrag fra ”Phostice”” on the compilation Absolute musique's schizofrene festsamler 1987 (Absolute musique AM 01) mc 87.

Download Johnny Hazard - Useless

Also published on the Eine Kleine Angst Musik blogg.

torsdag 10. januar 2008

Skjit-Lars - Gro Harlem Brundtland (PIF 30)

Yes, the former prime minister of Norway is back from France. Why? Because Norwegian newspapers has gone bananas over her cheating. First off all she doesn’t pay taxes to Norway, but she gets her pension. She uses public hospitals without paying as every taxpaying Norwegian can do, but she doesn’t live here anymore. And so it goes. She even worked for the World Health Organisation (WHO) where she had a big fight against the sugar, so where does she work now? Pepsi! All in all we don’t like so called socialists that cheat there way to the top. That’s not solidarity at all.

Back in the 80`s when she was a political rising star our local punk hero Skjit-Lars made a song about here. He didn’t like her as he sings in Norwegian; Gro Harlem Brundtland, you are shit! The song becomes so popular that it has been broadcasted on national radio P3. Skjit-Lars claim to fame is that he was the first Norwegian punk act to be released on vinyl in USA, when he was on the Maximum Rock`n`roll world punk compilation "Welcome to 1984". Since that he has done some shows and had tracks on a few compilations, including his compilation album "Shit Happens" where most off his projects/bands are included. The world still wait on the first Skjit-Lars record to be released. A bootleg tape that came out on You Bastards bootleg label is in fact the only Skjit-Lars release so far! "Shit Happens" is available through Go To Gate Records. That label has planes for a Skjit-Lars vinyl....sometime, hopefully this year, but i wouldn’t hold my breath waiting on it.

Skjit-Lars - Gro Harlem Brundtland (dwnload now and play load)