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various - REQ 013 (PIF 24)

Not released, only test pressing exists. Should have been released by Requiem Productions, but never did. This 7" EP from 1989 Includes;

A1 Njurmännen – Injured by Punishing Gods
A2 PLX-15 - Ode til en kjær venn
B1 Sadomaoistan – Terrorland
B2 GX Jupitter Larsen & The Haters – Forvandle

There exists only ten copies as test pressing off this record. Due to lack off money the record didn’t make it longer than to this white label test pressings in 1989. Originally was this EP to be included in the fanzine Requiem #44.

The Haters contribution was titled “Forvandle” (Norwegian for; change, transformation) on the master tape that Requiem got. On the official discography the contribution has changed name to “Bangoog”. What title is correct, I don’t know? I have used “Forvandle” on this vinyl ripp.

I guess that GX Jupitter Larsen & The Haters are so famous that readers off this blog is familiar to them. PLX-15 has been presented on this blog before. If you need to know more about the Haters and PLX-15 follow this links;

Selected GX Jupitter Larsen & The Haters links; #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11

PLX-15 #1

Njurmännen was a group from Sweden that released a lot off cassettes as well as singles and albums. Even a label was indirectly called up after them; Cold Meat Industry.

They started as band in September 1983. They was then; Magnus "AIR" Axelsson, Göransson (aka Shadow) and Johan "Mhugh" Linden. Shortly after they got Bosse "Bob Galban" Davidsen in the band. This line up did their first concert late 1983 or early 1984. Shortly after Galban quit. In easter 1984 the trio makes their first cassette (Hvem är Pavul?). While working on their second cassette album "Fejmert betong aktivator-reliker", they was expanded with Stefan Karlsson. With him they played some concerts. In January 85 both Mhugh and Karlsson quit. As a duo the rest off the band record "Masters 1992" in february 85.

During spring 1985 they became a trio including Peter "Linda Baby Doll" Andersson. As a trio they played their famous concert in Mjölby that later became (Njur 004). During summer 1985 they got Bobo Wieslander as livemixer and later studio producer. During fall 1985 Jonas Skoglund became their new bass player, after several persons had been in and out off the band. With him they recorded their marvelous album "CP" during the winter of 1986.

In August 1986 Skoglund quits and they continue as a trio. This line up make and preform a rock opera. First performence was in November 1986. Same month they recorded their first 7" "She's A Fucker". After 1987 i don`t know much. This is it; Doll quit after a while somewhere during the 90`s and the rest have recorded under the name Rotten Beak in a short period of time before they took back Njurmännen again. In 1997 they had a break, since then they have been back with two different line-ups. Any additional information on Njurmännen is more than welcome.

STOPP PRESS; Njurmännen is playing on the Oslo Poesifestival, in Oslo, Norway on 3. November 2007. And Njurmännen admits their web could be more up to date. They are working on updating it.

Their officialy discography is here, but i discovered that the following releases was missing on it;
- "Space Bullets" on the compilation "Im labratorium" (Mechanic Cassettes MC 004) MC with booklet 1986
- "Sänkt T.S." on the compilation "Myths of the Near Future" (Njur 008) MC 1987
- "A Womans Body Becomes A Cafeteria", "Eldsjälär" and "Tyrone" on the compilation "Koraktor" (nEGABEAT NB003) mc 1989 limited edition off 50 copys only.
- “Chinese Junkies” on the compilation “Return of Flexi-Pop Vol.8“ ( ) CD 2003
- "Du tror men du är & Det Ar Battre" on the compilation "Audioei 1" (OEI #26) CD with magazine (?), later online album for free download here. (as UKON and Njurmannen)
- Ulf Karl Olov Nilsson - Synopsis (ISBN 978-91-7139-785-0) Book (Poem collection) including a CD with UKON and Njurmännen.

Several Njurmännen and asociated artists/bands cassettes can be bought here.

Njurmännen videos on YouTube includes these two; Telepathic Hotline and San Francisco, Both videoes and more can be downloaded here.

Axelsson was pre Njürmannen in the Swedish punk band Mackt. More about them here and Lina B. Doll later solo as Dutch Nepal. He was also involved in the label Cold Meat Industry. Interview with Doll can be found here. Shadow later in Distortion Cowboys. Shadow has some novels in the book "Ut ur en pervers mænniska-b noveller (Njur 010) booklet.

Some more links to Njurmännen; #1 #2 #3 #4

Sadomaoistan was a band from Tromsø, Norway and was startet in 1985. Originaly they was musically a mixture off geniale dilletanten movement from Germany and more dark industrial music like Laibach and Coil. The track on this compilation is from that time. The band moved to Oslo late 80`s where they was a cult band among the more fetish/S&M/Gay communitys.

In this period they released their first (and only) cassette "1. Mai 1985 > 1. Mai 1988“ (Requiem) in 1988. It was described as the Norwegian answer to Laibach because off its mix between fetish, music and lyrics. In the first period the band included among others; Ivar R. Friis (R.I.P.), Jørn Bårtdgard, Halvard Haldorsen and Bjørn Rune Haugsbø. Haugsbø had quit the band before they moved to Oslo so the cassette is done as a trio.

Later they ended up as a more or less solo project for Halvard Haldorsen and musically they was changed into more techno and rave oriented music, even described as industrial acid house. At this time Haldorsen had friends and musicians with him in studio as well as on stage when he needed them, so call it a band would be too stretch the meaning off the world too long.

Haugsbø is now active in the solo project Immigrant. Haugsbø has also played in Tromsø band Trafo. Haldorsen was also a DJ at the gothic club Kjettersk kjeller, and probably still is. Haldorsen, as Sadomaoistan, has done several performance/concerts together with Genitalia. Fetish in every way was exposed at anyone who took the chance. Even did some TV shows on a smaller TV channel. Haldorsen has since then worked a lot with TV both in front off the camera and more on the production side. Haldorsen later in the duo The Machines.

Hopefully a complete discography;
- 1. Mai 1985 > 1. Mai 1988 (Requiem REQ 047) First edition was a MC with booklet in a metal box. Second edition "normal" MC, both 1988.
- “Øye (muslimix)” on the compilation “Nasjonal epleslang” (Lillebror label 001) MC 1990
- Der knoelhval des Nibelungen (excerpt) on the compilation ”Serious Statements & Silly Symphonies" (dBut #003) 2xMC 1991
- ”Scud” on the compilation “Nova Norvegia (get) Into The Arctic Groove” (Secondhand Records SHR 114) 2xLP 1991 (SZHR 114) MC 1991 (CSHR 114) CD 1991
- “Eskimo” on the compilation “Rock furore 22” (Rock furore RFCD 6) CD with the Norwegian music magazine Rock furore issue 22 (may 1993).
- "Arytmi" (Poppers Pop-Up Mix)" on the compilation "XS To The Ravezone" (Zonetripper TRIP 001) CD 1994
- "Arytmi" (Poppers Pop-Up Mix)" on the compilation "XS To The Ravezone" (Zonetripper Z001) 12" EP 1994
- Retroskopi (S M Art 001) CD 1997
- “Gal Hest vs. Bessie” on the compilation ”Larmende opptog i taushetsgata” (Siri rekkårdz 5.0/00) CD 2000 (as Sadomaoistan vs Paramount)
- Track(s) on the compilation “Antifascist Frequencies” (Komkol Autoprod 083) MC (as Sadomaoistan 88)

More links on Sadomaoistan; #1 #2 #3 #4 #5

Get REQ 013 here and scan off Requiem #44 fanzine (in norwegian mostly) here.

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Alt du vil vite om Mitti skritti finner du på norsk her.

(Foto; Jan Martin Jensen)

Mitti skritti startet up as girl band around new year 1981/82 under several names, before they ended up as Mitti skritti during spring in 1982. They was now; Trine Bakken (drums/vocals) Merete Nilsen (guitar) and Monica Nilsen (bass). This wasn’t what they wanted so Trine became the singer and the hunt for a drummer began. They ended up with Kjell Bakken and began to practice. He quit the band after the summer of 82 and was replaced by Geir Petter "Dyret" Jensen (drums) (ex The Gate, Rognan håndballag a.o, and at the same time in Hjertesvikt A/S.). This line up did their debut consert 19 October 82 at Gimle in Bodø. Tracks from this concert ended up on 1) and 2). They was also interviewed for NRK and broadcasted the following week. Bodøs first HC band had made their live debut.

Cassette review in Sounds 19. March 1983

After the gig Merete quits and is replaced by Hans "Mini" Svendsen (gitar) (ex The Gate, Rognan håndballag a.o.). In November 82 this line up did their only demo recording. Tracks from this on 3) and 4). Later that month they was filmed by NRK for a program called Flimra. On 26 November 1982 they played as support for Wannskrækk at Norrøna in Bodø. This became their second and final gig. In January NRK showed the program and the month after they broke up. Musicaly they was inspired by artists Ebba grön and Discharge. Since they broke up has Jensen and Svendsen played in several bands. Jensen moved to Oslo in 85 where he has played in bands like Blindt hat, Life..But How To Live It? and Captain Not Responsible. He now playes in 2:20.


1) "Den kalde virkelighet" and "De sinnsyke" (both live) on the compilation Null problem (Gakk/B. rock KASS 1) MC 1982. Released in two editions. First edition has B. Jansen credited on the track ”De sinnsyke” by Mitti skritti. Second editon has T. Nilsen credited on the same track. Rereleased as Null problem NordNorsk pønkrock 1980-83 (Snack Ohm Tapes S.O.T.-02) cd 2000 with several bonus tracks.

2) "De sinnsyke" (live) on the compilation Tiddelibom (Bodø rockeklubb BRKCD 9402) 3xcd in a box with booklet 1994.

3) "Drømmer om frihet" on the compilation Hurra for Norge vol 1 (Svindel Records 003) cd August 2007.

4) “Se dæ rundt“ on the compilation Hurra for Norge vol 2 (Svindel Records 004) cd that shall be out 19. December 2007.

Download Mitti skritti here. (It includes their debut concert, TV and demo recording).