tysdag 6. mai 2008


In 2006 the first NØDUTGANG festival was held in Bodø, Norway. Among the artists was the legendary German band Faust, as well as a lot off local artists and the most famous Norwegian noisemaker Lasse Marhaug. A festival has to have a compilation CD, so Go To Gate Records made one. The same label made the CD for the 2007 festival as well. This time the headliners included S/T, KK Null, Lisa Dillan and Puma with Lasse Marhaug. A lot off local artists like; Ronny Wærnes, Balmbrain and Mouches volantes played as well. All off them and some more was on these two compilation CDs that both has sold out.

Now it is just a month to this years festival so the time is right for downloading this two compilation albums. The 2006 CD came in a limited edition with a Faust bonus DVD in 100 copys. I have not included the DVD here, sorry.


01 RRMM - Høsten (Live, Sinus, Bodø, 4 mars 2006)
02 Lasse Marhaug - Hurtigbåt til Steigen
03 Psykisk tortur - Very Nervous Mix
04 Faust - A Hard Rain
05 Hide Unas – Massenkarambolage
06 Oceanism - Vacant Space
07 Lars Myrvoll – Ionfighting
08 Juryen & Psykisk tortur - Energi skal utløses i luft (utdrag)
09 Ronny Wærnes - Voix


01 S/T - Ein lied für Bodø
02 Lasse Marhaug - Lars Myrvoll, where are you
03 Balmbrain - They said they knew what they where doing
04 Julius Androide - Lørdag kl8
05 Mouches Volantes - The Armadillo
06 KK Null - Ergos (Ryusei) mix
07 Red Ape – 88
08 Lisa Dillan – Komprisasjon
09 Ronny Wærnes - Happy Days
10 Excaserbate – Exaggerate
11 Puma - No timidity nor compassion
12 Ectogram - The seduction of clytemnestra

Download 2006 here; part 1 - part 2
Download 2007 here; part 1 - part 2
Download CD cover scan here.