fredag 30. november 2007

Feedback #6/Bodø HardCore Festival comp

With the last edition off the Norwegian fanzine Feedback (#6) there was a compilation CD and a CD with Käthe kollwitz (the band, not the painter/activist). There has been several complaints about the records so Feedback have decided to put the records out for free download. So here they are.

The Bodø HardCore Festival compilation was done to promote the festival by the same name. All the artist had their fifteen minutes off fame during the week the festival lasted. Well let the music talk for itself; (styles range from punk/HC to rap and pretechnosynth)

1. Sinnsyk ugle - Pistola (live)
2. Laura - Ved soloppgang
3. Manna (feat. Jørg-1) - Røbban & døbban
4. Jimbo Jones -Ufo 666
5. Magnus Eliassen - Follow Me
6. Joddski - Ting på gang
7. PLX-15 - Midnattsbarn (live)
8. Raggabalder - Joddski & Yt
9. The Spectacle - Driven

Sinnsyk ugle is the hotest band in Bodø this year. Here they are with a unreleased live version of one off their "hits". Laura is a new girl trio from Bodø that has lasted a year and has just released a EP where their contribution to this compilation is borrowed from. Manna is Norways most famous reggae band.On this dub version they has got vocal help from one off Norways most famous rap artists; Jørg-1 off Tungtvann fame. Jimbo Jones track is from their comming album that shall be out somtime during 2008. Magnus Eliassen has out a 7" and a album that has been out for free download on his web. Joddski (aka Jørg-1) with a unreleased track (?). PLX-15 with a unreleased live version off their biggest hit. Raggabalder is both a duo band and a DJ act into reggae/dancehall/ska. The Spectacle track has never been played live or been released before so this is a real treat for the fans.

Käthe kollwitz - Demo

1. Come Join Us
2. Silence At Ground Zero

Both tracks recorded at Hunstad kultursenter in Bodø before the band moved to Oslo, where they now live and play. Demo was recorded by Jørgen Rist Holmen and later Hallstein Sandvin has done a mix off the tapes at Hønsehuset lydstudio in Bodø that ended up on this CD. The band can be contacted here. Käthe kollwitz did a legendary concert at the festival and is more than ready for bigger festivals, longer tours and most off all a great record contract.

download Bodø HardCore comp here

download Käthe kollwitz - demo here

Review off the fanzine/CDs in Norwegian; here

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