søndag 6. mars 2011

NXP - One Minute Later

"One Minute Later" is the new album from NXP. It is a free album for everyone to share (as long as no one charges anyone for this music). It is released by both Go To Gate Records (GO TO DL 20) and Requiem Productions (XP 11). For more about NXP look here, here and here. NXP will release a split 7" with Torstein Wjiik, later this year. Also a new album to be released when a company are willing to released it. Anyone interested?

The album was partly done after listening to one off NXPs favorite albums "Commercial Album" by The Residents and partly after contributing to Hal McGees International Email Audio Art Project, so many thanx to them both. After this he was into the groove and made several one minute tracks and love the restriction in time. After a while he had to draw a line and concluded if Residents could do 40 tracks, so can NXP. Well here is the results is for your pleasure only.

Go To Gate Records and Requiem Productions are both record company’s from Bodø, Norway. Check their catalogues. Support your local DIY company.

Free download (including cover) in MP3 256 kbps here; Mediafire or Internet Archive. PS if you put it out on a blog or whatever, please send me a link and thank you in advance for promoting this album.

3 kommentarer:

aram sa...

Link is dead...

aram sa...

Never mind, it's alive again! THANKS!

NXP sa...

I had some problems with 4shared so i have uploaded the album to three other sources now. Hopefully they will provied a little better service.