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Alt du vil vite om Mitti skritti finner du på norsk her.

(Foto; Jan Martin Jensen)

Mitti skritti startet up as girl band around new year 1981/82 under several names, before they ended up as Mitti skritti during spring in 1982. They was now; Trine Bakken (drums/vocals) Merete Nilsen (guitar) and Monica Nilsen (bass). This wasn’t what they wanted so Trine became the singer and the hunt for a drummer began. They ended up with Kjell Bakken and began to practice. He quit the band after the summer of 82 and was replaced by Geir Petter "Dyret" Jensen (drums) (ex The Gate, Rognan håndballag a.o, and at the same time in Hjertesvikt A/S.). This line up did their debut consert 19 October 82 at Gimle in Bodø. Tracks from this concert ended up on 1) and 2). They was also interviewed for NRK and broadcasted the following week. Bodøs first HC band had made their live debut.

Cassette review in Sounds 19. March 1983

After the gig Merete quits and is replaced by Hans "Mini" Svendsen (gitar) (ex The Gate, Rognan håndballag a.o.). In November 82 this line up did their only demo recording. Tracks from this on 3) and 4). Later that month they was filmed by NRK for a program called Flimra. On 26 November 1982 they played as support for Wannskrækk at Norrøna in Bodø. This became their second and final gig. In January NRK showed the program and the month after they broke up. Musicaly they was inspired by artists Ebba grön and Discharge. Since they broke up has Jensen and Svendsen played in several bands. Jensen moved to Oslo in 85 where he has played in bands like Blindt hat, Life..But How To Live It? and Captain Not Responsible. He now playes in 2:20.


1) "Den kalde virkelighet" and "De sinnsyke" (both live) on the compilation Null problem (Gakk/B. rock KASS 1) MC 1982. Released in two editions. First edition has B. Jansen credited on the track ”De sinnsyke” by Mitti skritti. Second editon has T. Nilsen credited on the same track. Rereleased as Null problem NordNorsk pønkrock 1980-83 (Snack Ohm Tapes S.O.T.-02) cd 2000 with several bonus tracks.

2) "De sinnsyke" (live) on the compilation Tiddelibom (Bodø rockeklubb BRKCD 9402) 3xcd in a box with booklet 1994.

3) "Drømmer om frihet" on the compilation Hurra for Norge vol 1 (Svindel Records 003) cd August 2007.

4) “Se dæ rundt“ on the compilation Hurra for Norge vol 2 (Svindel Records 004) cd that shall be out 19. December 2007.

Download Mitti skritti here. (It includes their debut concert, TV and demo recording).

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tipp topp med mitti skritti! det sto om jeg falt i den artikelen. har du noe opptak med dem?

Anonym sa...

Jeg jobber med å få lagt ut noe av Jeg falt også, men om og når det skjer er det vanskelig å si noe sikkert om.